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The Conjurings of Troll Hart - Continued Emergence

Ever since being ousted from his part-time dishwashing slog by "upper management cutting labor costs", Troll has been studiously using his time to make this music-magic-worldwide outreach machine pay his way in Portland OR. Here's some of the latest! -Troll's solo project "Troll Hart Piano" is amassing a catalogue of highly original and mythical content on Patreon: However, certain selections of Troll Hart's piano/voice music can be heard free and publicly, including...

Troll's first live performance as Troll Hart Piano lands on Thursday, March 2nd, at Rose City Book Pub, in Portland OR:

...And one week following, Troll's long-time heart-and-soul project SILENT TEMPLE is performing a free show at Portland State University!

Thank you for joining Troll and the Tree Templar on a psychedelic soul healing journey through the shimmering halls of harmony! We hope to meet in person soon~ Follow Troll for more regular updates: Mighty chromatic hails, -Troll


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