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Troll Hart Piano Season 1 Coming Out!

Thanks to my gracious supporters on Patreon, this year has been packed full of new music! The solo project of Troll Hart (that's me!), "Troll Hart Piano" has released 2 full seasons of epic piano and voice music!

Previously these wondrous pieces have been only available in full on the Patreon site , however TODAY, I am beginning the release of Season 1 publicly on my YouTube channel!

The first piece that was performed (on take 1, as most of them were ;) is entitled "Story of the Dwarves", during which I imagined a journey of a clan of Mountain Dwarves, delving to shimmering depths, crafting epic mead halls, and wandering the enchanted lands in search of majestic treasures! There's even a special appearance by Sun the golden kitty! Here it is! Please subscribe to the channel for the upcoming releases <3

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