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Silent Temple: The Story Revealed -- Place Of The Forgotten

PLACE OF THE FORGOTTEN :: Silent Temple :: CD music album

From Troll Hart:

...And upon these Ruins, a great monument was built. In worship of the self. In abject ignorance of the great mother's wisdom, and her realm from whence we all have come. I remember, upon discovering there was no One True God, and those preaching His religions were delusional at best, a certain dread was newly pronounced. While learning I was free from the all-judging eye was extremely refreshing, I began to see very quickly that the apocalyptic world view instilled in me by the Christians was in actuality spelling apocalypse nearer and nearer to the present. Endless Capitalist consumption, spitting on the shrine of nature's beauty. Predatory modes, racism, misogyny, homophobia, dog-eat-dog caste systems... The petty games of royalty underlying generations upon generations of human lives. Slavery carried out and solicited by millions and millions of people willfully blind to the concentration camps and prisons upon which “normal” makes bank. And even if you, brave soul, stare the evil in the face, you are still coerced by threat of violence to participate in the trade. This is of course a very brief foray into sympathizing with the plight of many young people today in their feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, nihilism... Being thrust into a fabricated world so absurdly far removed from its source is horribly disorienting.

I wandered in the forest alone, yearning and aching with the need and desire to live in harmony with nature, and to help heal the festering wounds of Mankind and History. Countless evenings over the course of many years, I came to know the woodland realm with a lovingly sombre reverence. The paths, streams and glades of those woods afforded me a deep peace and place of contemplation where I very rarely saw another human. I listened to the silence, and to the animals, who speak no words. I also listened to Opeth, The Flower Kings, Pearls Before Swine, Steven Wilson, and various Prog-Folk albums from the late 60's and early 70's. Seeking ancient spirit. I wrote most of the music for this album in my late teens, and recorded it when I was 19. The tracks were recorded various places (including the Columbia College piano practice rooms), however most of the recording was done by Caleb Kuennen of Stay Anchored Studios, in Ames IA, the town where I spent most of my childhood. Very long days and nights were spent by Caleb and I recording during that summer. We even got to use a Steinway full grand for most of the tracks!!! I have always been blessed with gifts of music. Some of the melodies and progressions of this album “Place of the Forgotten” were given directly to me through the breath of the forest, the slowly setting sun over the hill, the low glade of young trees, the oak hanging over the creek-bend. I did my best at the time to translate this experience into recorded music. The Spell: The Lamentation: Instrumental: Theme 1 and Title Theme The Wound:

You left me for the morning, towards a setting sun Away from all I've given, into a past undone And you have left your wisdom in the overwhelming sea To seek out fear and hatred, and so abandon me So another end is coming, so a new beginning fades away You sought the glorious sunrise, but feared the rising moon In Hell's embrace and Heaven's comfort, you found the truth too soon And now you move to cast the well of wisdom far from sight To silence all your temples, and step into the night We have worked so hard to build a kingdom in the light To rise above and conquer death and life But in the end we only found that we had lost the way Bequeathed to us in the beginning, we have turned away In destruction that we forged, forever shall we stay Fading in the wind The autumn leaves fall slowly down in the end Feel again – A change of seasons heeds the call from deep within

Find a way – to call the winter and begin the path toward a newer day

A plague has swept upon a land that once was green

A sickness grows inside our mystic heart unseen Oh let the winter heal the wound from which we came Oh let it never be the same And in the hours of darkness, our thoughts will fade away The seas run dry, the mountains crumble, the forests fade to grey And now that we have cast the well of wisdom from the land We do not know the father, this was the greater plan Wise and weary, free or fools, our path has reached the end We'll never know the wonders heaven sent When all the kingdoms fall into the fear that they had sown A wasted dream will shine it seems from all that we have known I bid you now a fond farewell, it seems the end has come A plague has swept upon a land that once was green A sickness grows inside our mystic heart unseen Oh let the winter heal the wound from which we came Oh let it never be the same Trust I Had In You: The final line I crossed within, crawling to the earth Open wide the gates for all to see I had the truth, I had the light, seeing through the haze The concept of a perfect man guides my every way Forgotten ignorance, trust I had in you You took my love and threw it to the wind And though I'm healing, the world decays The concept of a perfect man guides the judgment day Abandoned: Abandoned and cast to shame, loneliness in me I've travelled across this world to find my pain relieved In silence and solitude I will rise to meet the call While falling to pieces in my heart In the fires of a falling sun, I am waiting for you When the path has revealed itself, I must forge it all anew In memories of futures past I am praying for a fool He will find at the end a home, in a heaven for fools Abandoned and cast to shame, loneliness in me Our God has revealed his plan, he's laughing as we bleed We walked with the wicked so we could feel strong Now death comes to bring us peace so we can belong And when the autumn leaves have fallen All the tired boughs will reach for the earth The silent ones, I hear them calling A pathway to the road, a river from the sea All wasted dreams have finalized a lonely point of view I've seen it from afar, and it all comes back to you The kind of thing you can control, it slowly slips away And I find when a love has died, I found that you have stayed To Heal In The Still Of The Night: When the fire is dim, and your heart is laid to rest And the moon is rising high The fortress of the withered and the solace of the damned Is to heal in the still of the night The darkened forest glade, and the silent river flow To take you to a place beyond the skies The lonely grave is calling for the ones we left behind To heal in the still of the night When the seasons change, and the movement leaves your eyes And you're free from human lies The spirit of the winter is the destiny of man To heal in the still of the night Forest Glade: Instrumental: Theme 2 and Theme from “Ruins” Silent River: Instrumental Cathedral: A king of pride upon a throne of wisdom Cathedral of the damned A place of Gods, of sacred rituals Of devils crafting men A child comes unto a new beginning Wandering the earth But from the glade, the blessed beckon them Of filth and shame our birth Once a dream had filled me without sorrow Of what the earth might hold But righteousness and greed have sown us fields of ashes A future bought and sold In the mist Cathedral hangs Beckoning a silent end All I am was lost in you Hell is what I found in truth Far away inside the lie All their pain became their guide I have searched for you in vain Love and hatred felt the same Death and hatred in its name Eternally: I've travelled across this world, a universe of pain But if I had the power to heal, I'd feel it all again There's no way in this wicked world for beauty to take hold And if God had the power to heal, he'd free our lonely souls Is there a part of me in you, a part of you in me We all are looking for an out, a way to find eternity But that place we cannot find, and those things we'll never be Could find their way back to the light if truth could really set us free Looking across the earth, the mountains in my eyes A plague is upon the land, it's tearing down the skies And though I am one of them, a leaf upon the tree I long to escape the lies, the shame eternally There's no part of me in you, no part of you in me They say we can't escape the fire, the tyranny eternally And with no second chance, and with no end in sight We hold on to our only hope, that maybe life is just a lie And Shall The Winter Heal: In a field of green and gold that is out there in my mind I heard the prophet speak, "If you seek then you shall find" Yet I'm lost in the wonder of the forest, the sea and the stars That have formed to heal in the stillest night, the god within my heart Not much longer shall we roam this world of flesh and mind Together have we failed to find the love inside And we've lost the way to enlightenment through war and hate and greed Now the winter comes to heal the wound and plant a newer seed And we built the bombs, and we killed the gods to stop our endless strife Now through the gates of Hell that we built by hand, we'll step into the night Place Of The Forgotten: Fear is the master of the blind And hope abandons those who saw the signs But all we need is time A ship is guided by the wind To chase a sun that will never rise again Within our home there is much life unknown to man As one our souls they formed the land An Eden hides behind our fortress of the damned Will we forsake our only chance? We are swept across the sea To see the morning star will fall apart and bring us peace Within our home there is much life unknown to man As one our souls they formed the land An Eden hides behind our fortress of the damned Will we forsake our only chance? Sisters will walk the land as one Finding grace within the morning sun And brothers will care for the small And in kindness can we dream it all The spirits they will speak once more No children sent to fight the wars And dreamers they'll be free to live their way Creatures will hear the Mother's call Finding peace within their sacred halls And masters will throw down their swords So that love can guide their hands once more Yet this land where hope is free, is not the future that I see Our greed will put to death the gift of life I look beyond and see the soul of winter rise I leave my heart with you, and with you all spirits die And when you cross the rolling river, we will never meet again Your love slowly fading to the world that lies within And I saw that God was weeping with the cast out and the fallen The moon rose forever on the place of the forgotten ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Thank you for listening to my existential processing. I know you're going through this same shit one way or another. We are the Earth, and she is awakening from a wounded sleep. A big hand for Brian Sebert, Nathan Beird, and Ashley Grygienc of Eikthyrnir for joining me on this record. Metal Kindred \m/ And another round for Harry Vanderweide and Jotham Polashek, home-town friends that stuck with it through album 2! PLACE OF THE FORGOTTEN :: Silent Temple :: CD music album All music and lyrics by Troll Hart.

released March 5, 2015 -Troll Hart: Grand Piano, Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar -Harry Vanderweide: Drums -Jotham Polashek: Violin -Ashley Grygienc: Flute -Nathan Beird: Vocals -Brian Sebert: Guitars on 4 & 11 -Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Caleb Kuennen at Stay Anchored Studios. -Cover art by Kai Movagh. The album can be purchased digitally at: #studioalbum #metalalbum #rockalbum #progressiverock #soulmusic


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