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PRESS RELEASE: [Progressive Folk Soul band Silent Temple launches a Faery Revolution]

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Faery Revolution

### For Immediate Release ##

June 21st - Summer Solstice

PORTLAND, OR – Progressive Folk Soul band Silent Temple launches a Faery Revolution From the majestic forests to the city streets, from the recording studio to the festival stage, Silent Temple has been weaving “songs of praise for Mother Earth and questions for her children” since 2013. Currently, after years of plague and revolt, Silent Temple releases their fifth studio offering “Faery Revolution”, an operatic folk-jazz fusion journey inspired by the dark night of the soul.

“For me, the Faery Revolution is about healing ourselves and our relationship with Mother Nature by awakening from the disease of male dominance and imperialism.” says director and composer Amos Hart. “We all know at this point the relentless churning of the industrialized capitalist world is exhausting our planet and enslaving our children. It is absolutely time to use our artistry, our ingenuity, and our magic to usher in a new era where the Goddess is worshiped and her women and LGBTQ folk are prioritized and allowed to lead. An era where Indigenous Sovereignty and Black Liberation are foundational in the harmonization of a new and gentle fate.” Maintaining the same lineup from 2020’s “Marvelers of Creation”, Amos and the band have journeyed deeper into the psychedelic folk soundspace, while simultaneously playing to their jazz-fusion and heavy metal roots. Soul singers Rossi and Natty Isabell play a more pivotal role in the vocal realm, while Owen Kelley has taken full keyboard duties, Amos switching to electric guitar and lute. Bassist Mike Ewers and drummer Harrison Games combine smooth but heavy grooves with open, experimental flourishes to create some of Silent Temple’s most impactful movements to date. Silent Temple never fails to deliver an epic musical performance, yet our mission is also to offer messages that subtly shift the audiences’ thinking and actions over time. Building community in a way that’s artistically engaging and fun for people can be powerful for shifting our culture towards greater respect for the planet and each other.

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