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Otherworldly Tales Public Release!!!

The moment has finally come, nearing the end of history, circling back to the primordial age ~ The epic faerietale saga, "Otherworldly Tales from Troll Hart Piano" will be released to the public this summer! The first installment, "Arboreal Entry" will air on YouTube this Wednesday evening, May 22nd. Catch the premiere here:

Deep in the forest, meditating on a moss covered crystal waterfall, Troll received the vision for the idea behind Otherworldly Tales, shortly after releasing the final improvisation from Troll Hart Piano season 1, "Hymn of Patriarchy Dis-spelling".

This vision was to film epic myth-telling live in the forest, and create a soundtrack to sing with the swaying branches and shimmering sun-faeries! So, in the summer of 2023, Troll Hart ventured for the blessed Nemeton, recording equipment and offerings for the Faeries in tow. What myths and legends were told through tongue and key, now lay before the earth-children to behold! Stories we all know well, yet none have ever heard, before now........... Otherworldly Tales Vol. 1 will be released as a musical album on the full moon of July this year. Until then look out for the live music videos of each episode, released bi-weekly, airing at Praises to Nemetona, Goddess of the Sacred Grove! Peace and Love forever! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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