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New Sproutings 2023, Trolls and Gnomes

Hails folk! Faeries, Gnomes, Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Wizards and Hobbits! A new Gregorian year is upon us, and the Tree Temple grows ever onward for a queendom in the sun! Our winter has been full of magical happenstances...

Check out Silent Temple's latest FULL CONCERT, a Live Faerytale from the Jack London Revue!

During a ritual involving the ancient spirits of the Celtic and Italian ancestors, the name "Amos" was washed away by the spirits of the river. A cleansing of patriarchal stories and energies that were acting themselves out sub-consciously through Silent Temple's composer. The new name bequeathed unto him is Troll. A name to which he is much more well suited! Praise the goddess Dana and her children the Tuatha Dé!

With this new name, Troll has begun his solo project, "Troll Hart Piano" in attempts to work FULL-time on building a temple of music to the great goddess who gave us life. The works are housed here: Please consider becoming a patron! Troll needs your help!


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