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Flying Caravan release self-titled debut album!

When Troll and Mike first started playing shows in Portland, the band who was most consistently down to share a bill was hippified folk tripsters Flying Caravan, led by Azzy Isabell. Troll was soon entranced by Azzy’s enchanting vocal stylings and beautiful shining soul, and the two joined each others’ bands as a natural shared interest.

Around 2 years after Troll joined Flying Caravan, this self-titled album was recorded with Mat Larimer, Silent Temple’s Portland audio engineer thusfar. These songs, written by Azzy, have been ever-evolving entities, never played the same twice! In this wonderful record you can hear the tunes shine in a way never-before-heard!

Flying Caravan has taken us to many house parties, festivals, music venues, book stores, parks and sacred woodlands! And IN SPACE

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Psychedelic folk rock, jazz-fusion, epic progressive soul music~


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